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  • Your Ally in Coping With Pain and Swelling

    Shield 3-in-1 Leg Massager uses special Pneumatic Compression Technology to temporarily reduces swelling, cramping, and pain so you can go about your day and enjoy your life as much as possible.

  • Fits all Sizes!

    All you need to do is to wrap the massager around your calves and choose the mode and intensity of the massage that you want. The device does the rest.

  • How It Works

    STEP ONE: Wrap them comfortable around your calves (FREE Extra Velcro Straps included in the package in case you have wider calves).

    STEP 2: Your massagers have a control device on the sides with 3 buttons. Then use the Cycle button to cycle through any of the 3 modes available.

    STEP 3: Once you've selected your settings, simply press the start button to begin the massage session. Relax and let the Shield Massager gently compress and heat your legs.


When will the ShieId® arrive?

We make every effort to process and ship our order within 24 hours after the order is placed.

Delivery times may vary depending on your location, but most orders will arrive in 4-6 days.

*Due to high volume please allow an additional 3-4 days*

How long until I see relief from pain and swelling?

Users are reporting they felt the relief after the first use. The more often you will use it and adapt for the best intensity for you, the better results you will have.

What benefits can I expect?

Temporary relief from swelling, pain, and discomfort. Warming up the affected area before the day or soothing the pain to allow a restful sleep. And enhanced recovery after exercise, or being all day on your feet.